Tennessee Area Command Headquarters

The Major General Hugh B. Mott Tennessee National Guard Headquarters is a four-story, concrete frame building with more than 129,000 SF of upgraded and expanded office space for the Tennessee Army National Guard and the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA). Hardaway built and/or enhanced a variety of state-of-the-art components of the building’s telecommunications system, including a Main Distribution Frame (MDF) room, seven Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF) rooms, and an Emergency Operations Center, all of which were served with conditioned air provided by six Data Aire computer room units. Hardaway also installed an HFC 125 clean agent fire protection system, anti-static flooring systems, access flooring, and a 1500 KV emergency generator. This project also required construction of a secure raceway system for an owner-provided sipernet system from the emergency operations center to various areas throughout the building. The roof consists of an Energy Star rated white TPO roof membrane system that lowers energy costs. The project also included renovation of approximately 20,000 SF within the existing USPFO building and the reroof of adjacent roof area of approximately 17,600 SF.
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