Hardaway Construction provides comprehensive design, construction, and management services with a commitment to value and transparency. We employ a collaborative approach in all client relationships, with a keen focus on bringing their vision to reality: on budget and on time.


One of the most important stages of any project, pre-construction can significantly affect the ultimate success of a project. Hardaway expertly manages the following in order to provide detailed, accurate, and complete data upfront, allowing for informed decision-making, close cost control, and schedule adherence:

General Contracting

Hardaway offers general contracting services provided through typical design-bid-build, competitive bid, or negotiated contract approaches. Our long-standing relationships with the subcontractor community provide us a competitive edge when bidding construction projects while sharpening our perspective on the actual cost of building projects.


Hardaway’s design-build services provide owners a single source for design and construction services, leading to faster, higher-quality, more cost-effective results. This streamlined approach means greater efficiency, cooperation instead of conflict, and better return on the invested time and money.

Construction Management (CM)

As the complexity of a project increases, so do the variables and degree of risk that must be negotiated by owner and contractor alike. Hardaway’s experience, qualifications, and early involvement become critical predictors of success for our project owners. Our CM-agency and CM-at-risk services lead to:

Building Information Modeling

One of the most important advances in building design and construction, Building Information Modeling (BIM), is changing the way project teams work together and ultimately exceed clients' expectations. Using the most current technology, we are able to generate multi-dimensional models to assist design, determine constructability, and ease the operation of a building project.

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