Accent Edgewood


Nashville, Tennessee
An apartment complex consisting of two (2) four (4) story buildings, each with basement conditions, that hold two-hundred-thirty-six units (236) units and several leasing and amenity spaces throughout both buildings. The entire project totals 241,772 gross square feet. The amenities include a leasing office, mail room, club and fitness rooms, conference rooms, recording studio and a sky lounge on the top floor that overlooks the city views. These amenity spaces are outfitted with high-end finishes and account for 6,483 square feet of the gross square footage. The complex site on which this project is located required a wide variety of construction methods to overcome due to its complicated existing conditions. Hardaway Construction was involved in this project at the early stages of design to assist in the constructability aspect of the design to save the owner time on the overall duration of the project and money on the GMP contract. Due to the complicated existing conditions of the site, this project required separate foundation designs for each building. One was a shallow foundation design and construction, and the other a deep foundation design using micropiles. Each foundation design implemented some form of a full-height basement for the buildings. The site consists of 282 parking spaces, most constructed with a pervious paver and storm drainage system beneath them. The project also consists of one large outdoor amenity area with a pool, fire pits, grill stations and an adequate-sized dog park for the number of tenants who will call this project home. The site also required a large amount of retaining walls that averaged out to be 15’ in height to allow space for all the site amenities and the two underground bioretention areas located on either end of the site.
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