Construction & Expansion

Hardaway has led the construction and expansion efforts for Nashville’s iconic resort and convention center throughout multiple phases of growth, continuing to translate incredible architectural planning and vision into reality. With a total 584,000 SF, the first structure included 580 guest rooms, 20 dedicated meeting rooms, 30,000 SF of exhibition space, and 20,000 SF of ballroom space. Phase 2 added 638,318 SF of new guest rooms, meeting areas, and exhibition space. This phase also helped transform the hotel into a major destination by incorporating a European-inspired indoor garden known as the Conservatory. The next expansion added 752,000 SF, including 800 guest rooms and, most notably, the Cascades, a two-acre “garden under glass.” A fourth major expansion added 1,280,000 SF of space, including the resort’s renowned 200,000-SF Delta area, surrounded by a 600,000-SF hotel unit and 480,000-SF convention center. The Delta contains a ¼-mile-long river surrounding an island of shops, restaurants, and other attractions all set off by lush landscaping, waterfalls, rockscapes, and large trees, all enclosed by a 4.5-acre glass skylight.
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