Terminal Landside and Parking Garage Expansion & Renovation

This project included a 186,000-SF addition and 10,000-SF renovation to the arrival and departure ramps and bridges as well as the ground transportation area of the terminal building. Hardaway also constructed a major addition to an existing parking structure consisting of 650,000 SF of new space and 250,000 SF of renovated area. In the terminal area, original ramps and bridges were doubled in width, the original pipe truss canopies were extended, new escalators and elevators were installed, and enclosed pedestrian bridges were added at both the arrival and departure levels. Construction was successfully carried out as thousands of pedestrians and vehicles passed through the facility daily. By doubling the size of the original foot print and adding a new third level over the entire area of the parking garage, Hardaway added approximately 1,700 new spaces. The project also included construction of a two-story with canopy, moving sidewalks, and new elevators.
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