Austin Homes Redevelopment Phase 1B

Apartments and Townhouses

Knoxville, Tennessee
Phase 1B of the Austin Homes Redevelopment will consist of 180 total residential units across five building with 176 parking spaces, the five (R-2) buildings will be referred to as “A”, “B”, “C”, “D.1” and “D.2” and will all be of Type VA construction. Buildings “A” and “B” will be 3/4 split buildings and fully sprinklered in accordance with NFPA-13, Building “C” will be a 3 story building and sprinklered in accordance with NFPA-13R. Buildings “D.1” and “D.2” will be 2 story townhomes (under the IRC) and sprinklered in accordance with NFPA-13R.
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